Make your best better: Seek feedback.


If there’s one thing I learned as an athlete, it’s that feedback is your friend. Yes, I realize that sounds trite and tacky, but I mean it. Without feedback, we often plateau, falter or fail.

I’ve been a member of a local professional writer’s group for close to two years. Prior to joining I wrote in virtual isolation and became comfortable doing so. The first time I attended one of the writing group’s sessions I pulled out what I thought was my most polished piece of work. With diplomacy, the group tore it apart, pointing out a number of its weaknesses. I might have returned home that night in a state of despair. Instead I felt a sense of relief and hopefulness. I was reminded that, with guidance and feedback, my best can get better.

Have you sought feedback on your writing lately? 


About clairecarverdias

Olympic medallist. Author. Communications consultant. Coach.
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